The Fifth Annual Landon Saunders Lecture

May 5, 2021

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CSC sessions are now posted on the web. A healthy number and high quality of paper and panel sessions await us.

One of the timely and engaging sessions features Miroslav Volf who will deliver the fifth annual Landon Saunders’ Lecture on The Human Being: The Nexus of the World and Faith. Volf’s presentation is entitled, “Dimensions of Flourishing: A Programmatic Sketch.”

This session, convened by Kathy Pulley (Missouri State University), will invite John Barton (Pepperdine University) and Arthur Sutherland, (Loyola University, Maryland) to make prepared responses to Volf’s paper, after which Volf will reply and the audience will be invited to engage.

For your consideration, here is the abstract for Volf’s paper:

“A major challenge in the current research about human flourishing – about the good life, happiness, well-being, the true life and other designations under which the topic is discussed – is lack of agreement on what we mean by “flourishing.”  The purpose of this lecture is (1) to propose a formal model of flourishing, a tripartite structure of flourishing life (life being led well, life going well, and life feeling as it should), and (2) to suggest how these three dimensions of flourishing are integrated in one Christian account of flourishing, namely that of the Apostle Paul.”

Please look the scores of abstracts for the other 70 sessions:

Registrations are coming in at an excellent rate, with nearly 9 in 10 planning to join us in person. Even as the number of persons vaccinated impressively increases, we continue to plan for your safety, insuring that CSC 2021 be a most enjoyable reunion for our scholarly community.