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Climate Resiliency and the Church: Case Studies from Eastern and Southeastern Congregations

When: June 9, 2022, 9:00 am - Thursday

Where: Ezell 363

Session 3

Session Abstract

Unfortunately, it is a statistical reality that Protestant Christians tend to show up in polls over and over again not to be as concerned with the consequences of climate change compared to the average American. Fortunately, though, there are a growing number of churches working at the local level to show how climate resiliency is a critical part of their Christian witness. This session seeks to demonstrate how some of these efforts are progressing in both the Eastern and Southeastern parts of the United States.


Paper Abstracts

Avery Davis Lamb, Creation Justice Ministries, “Weathering the Storm: Churches as Hubs of Climate Resilience

The last five years have shown that the climate crisis is no longer a future worry—it is affecting our communities right now. Record-breaking storms, extreme weather, and the slow violence of sea level rise are tearing at the physical and social fabric of our society. It has become clear that climate change is not merely a problem for the church to prepare for in ten or twenty years; it is time for the church to prepare right now. This paper explores the question: How can churches be hubs of climate resilience in their communities, helping their neighbors weather the physical, social, and spiritual storms of the climate crisis?


Josh Richardson, Brugmansia Ministries, and Daniel Joranko, Tennessee Interfaith Power & Light, “Ecclesiology and Climatology: The Incorporation of Climate Resilience and Adaptation into the Life of the Local Church”

Climate change is altering baseline assumptions around community resource availability, infrastructural capacities to withstand unprecedented weather events, and the ability of governmental organizations to provide aid during climate-driven disasters. To address these challenges, some local churches have begun employing resilience and adaptation strategies to help reduce the impacts of climate change on their most vulnerable community members. This talk will provide an overview of climate resilience and adaptation, specific resilience and adaptation actions of local congregations focusing on the Southeastern Region of the United States, and the need for churches to incorporate climate resilience into the daily life of churches.


G. Dodd Galbreath and Christopher Doran, Lipscomb University; Pepperdine University, Conveners

  • Avery Davis Lamb, Creation Justice Ministries, “Weathering the Storm: Churches as Hubs of Climate Resilience”
  • Josh Richardson and Daniel Joranko, Brugmansia Ministries; Tennessee Interfaith Power & Light, “Ecclesiology and Climatology: The Incorporation of Climate Resilience and Adaptation into the Life of the Local Church”

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