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J.J.M. Roberts' Lecture in Old Testament Studies

The Psalms and Creation Theology

When: June 8, 2023, 9:00 am - Thursday

Where: Stone Chapel

Session 3

Recent decades have seen a renewal of interest in the theme of creation in Old Testament Studies. In that context, this lecture will explore creation as a theme in the book of Psalms. The bulk of the lecture will focus on five psalms of praise often classified as creation psalms – Psalms 8, 19, 65, 104, and 148. Psalms 8, 104, and 148 interweave theology, anthropology, and ecology. Psalms 19 and 65, along with others psalms emphasizing the theme of creation (e. g., Pss. 84 and 96) place the theme of creation solidly in the traditions of ancient Israel’s faith. The final section of the paper asks the question of how this Old Testament theme relates to questions surrounding our future. Four areas will receive the focus of attention: the place of technology, the climate crisis, questions about food, and the joy of creation.


Mark W. Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Bill Bellinger, Baylor University, Lecturer

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